Born in the rich sports culture of Türkiye in 2022, HIS Sports has become a haven for sports enthusiasts. Operating within HIS Global, a company with over 40 years of experience in the industry, presence in more than 60 countries, worldwide operations through 300 offices, and approximately 16,000 employees, HIS Sports is managed by a team specialized in the passionate world of sports, offering unforgettable experiences. 

From Marathons to Ultra Trails, running and cycling events, sports festivals, and various other sports activities, HIS Sports operates across a wide spectrum, bringing together amateurs and professionals alike, regardless of country or city. Known for its unifying power, this organization collaborates with other platforms worldwide to meet the expectations of sports enthusiasts with thrilling races, fun events, and packed schedules. 

Furthermore, by facilitating physical interaction between brands and the community, HIS Sports contributes significantly to the international promotion of cities and brands. Bringing together amateur and professional clubs and athletes to organize travel plans, this team ensures that participants make the most of their time, offering impressive experiences. 

HIS Sports always keeps its doors wide open for those who want to directly experience the excitement and energy of sports. Join HIS Sports, experience sports, feel the excitement, and make memories that last a lifetime!