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    Gokova Half Marathon - 2024

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Akyaka, located within the borders of Muğla province at the southwestern tip of Turkey, is at the eastern end of the Gulf of Gökova. The population of Akyaka Town, located approximately at the midpoint of the road connecting Marmaris and Muğla, is around 1500 in winter and reaches 3-4 thousand in summer.
On these lands, which are believed to have been inhabited since ancient times, Akyaka has existed as a small secluded fishing village until recent years. The "discovery" of Akyaka dates back to the 1970s.
- To be able to recognize the cultural and natural heritage of Muğla through sports,
- To have the opportunity to have a prestigious race in our city with all running lovers in a magnificent hidden nature,
- To ensure that this unique geography can be recognized in the combination of culture, nature and sports tourism and the combination of blue and green.