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  • Granfondo Izmir- 2023

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    Granfondo Izmir- 2023

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Granfondo Izmir

The second phase of the Granfondo Series will be run in İzmir.
Granfondo Series is starting for the 3rd time! The organization has become an expected race since the first series.

Participation Rules:

1. All amateur road cyclists can participate in the Gran Fondo Series.
2. Athletes who have been banned from doping in the last 5 years are prohibited from participating.
3 As per the Federation rules, in all cycling branches
- Athletes who have earned UCI points in the last 2 years (regardless of cycling discipline)
- Athletes (regardless of cycling discipline) who were in the national team of the cycling or triathlon federation or the cycling team registered with the UCI in the year the event was held cannot participate in the race.
The athletes in question can compete in a separate classification by registering for the National Long Race.

Services provided to our athletes within the scope of Granfondo İzmir;

- Time measurement system - Chipping
- Online participation certificate
- Participation medal
- Rank medal
- Sports bag
- Sportsman's escrow service
- Athlete T-Shirt
- Sportsmen's food
- Sports morning soup
- Motorcycle tracking
- Water, at least 1 alternative beverage and food stations. 3 pieces
- Mobile and fixed health services point.
- Traffic road closure service.
- Prizes for all top-ranking athletes. Min,80 people
- Photo shooting service.
- Online reservation service.