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5.MarmaRUN  5K/10K running competition will be held on October 08, 2023, at 08:30, between Istanbul Küçüksu Pavilion Front (Start) - Çubuklu Pier- Küçüksu Summer Palace Front (Finish).

October 07, 2023

10:00 – 18:00 Kit Distribution (Küçüksu Park)

October 08, 2023

06:00-08:00 Kit Distribution (Küçüksu Park)

08:00 Technical Meeting

08:30 Start

10:00-11:30 Award Ceremony

General subjects:

The competition will be held in accordance with the Athletic Federation and IAAF competition rules.

No private vehicles will be allowed to cruise alongside the athletes during the competition. Only duty vehicles will be able to watch on the track.
The necessary health, safety, transportation, preparation of the race track and chest numbers for the competition will be provided by the organizer of the competition, Marmara University, Beykoz Municipality, Istanbul Provincial Health Directorate and Athletics Federation.
At the end of the competitions, Istanbul Athletics Provincial Representative Office will deliver the results of the competition in writing and recorded on the floppy disk together with the referee charts to the Technical Delegate.
The chest numbers and chip distribution of the athletes participating in the competition will be held on October 7, in front of the Küçüksu Pavilion, which is the starting point.
The competition will be held over the age of 18 and a contract will be signed.
The competition is limited to 2000 people.
Athletes participating in the competition will be deemed to have read and accepted the following statement on the registration page.