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Day 1: Fethiye > K. Sarsala
The starting point of SAIL BREAK Göcek is Fethiye Mai Yacht Club. We welcome you with the SAIL BREAK Welcome Party, check-in and start our unforgettable sailing holiday! After a pleasant sailing cruise, we anchor in Küçük Sarsala Bay. Saying “Family Dinner” on the first night as usual! You are our guest in our traditional long single table concept, which is a SAIL BREAK classic! With an unforgettable live music performance.

Day 2: K. Sarsala > Bedri Rahmi
Is there anything better than washing our face in the morning by jumping into Sarsala's magnificent sea? After enjoying the sea, our Yoga instructor will start practicing on the deck for those who want to. After having breakfast with the local menu of Küçük Sarsala on the boat, it's time to anchor! After a pleasant sailing in Göcek, it's After Sail Party time! We are creating our own party island in the middle of the sea by connecting the entire fleet, which is a SAIL BREAK classic. It is difficult to describe this unique environment called “Raft” in writing :) After the party, we are going to Bedri Rahmi Bay, where we will anchor and spend the night! Tonight is another ritual night! On this special night, you can choose your clothes in blue-white or combine them with clothes or accessories in these colors. You are free to choose the shade of blue. It is important for us to bring together the symbols of maritime, blue and white, on this unique night.

Day 3: Bedri Rahmi > Surprise Göcek Bay
Good morning everyone from Bedri Rahmi Bay! This cove got its name after Painter Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu, who visited here in 1974, drew his famous fish-shaped work on a piece of rock. In this work, Bedri Rahmi drew the depiction of fish in a way that actually hides 6 sea creatures, and with this feature, he left a unique work of art in Göcek.
In the morning, as usual, we start the day with yoga for those who want it and a nature walk towards the Lycian Rock Tombs in the bay. At the same time, those who wish can join Bedri Rahmi's rock painting tour. Our sailing starts again on the boats or after the breakfast menu of Zeytin Restaurant… And of course it's Raft time again! We will be in one of the most popular bays of Göcek for the After Sail Party. This time our concept is Pirate :) Again, traditionally SAIL BREAK Pirates The destination after the party is a surprise Göcek bay! We will be in a dreamy bay for our closing party. A unique dinner and then a magnificent After Party are waiting for us…

Day 4: Surprise Göcek Bay > Fethiye
At the end of an unforgettable closing party, we will wake up and start our final cruise. We will dock at Fethiye Mai Yacht Club, which is our starting point. As always, we will pop our farewell champagne accompanied by our captains and take our souvenir photos! See you at the next SAIL BREAK!