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    Sail Break - IBIZA 2023

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Day 1: Eivissa
Marina Port Ibiza is the starting point of SAIL BREAK IBIZA! We welcome you, check-in and start our unforgettable sailing holiday!
IBIZA is truly a dream island! Not only with its world-famous nightclubs and entertainment, but also with its Hippie culture, the fact that almost the entire island is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and its unique nature makes Ibiza one of the most important tourism regions in the world.
We start our holiday in the heart of the island, in Dalt Vila. Saying “Family Dinner” on the first night as usual! You are our guest in our traditional long single table concept, a SAIL BREAK classic, with a traditional paella menu in one of the most popular restaurants in Ibiza Old Town! Afterwards, Ibiza's unrivaled nightlife awaits us...

Day 2: Eivissa > Cala Tarida
After a great night, we wake up at the marina, have breakfast on the boats or in the nearby cafes, do some shopping and drop anchor! Destination Cala Tarida! After a nice sailing, we anchor in Cala Tarida. A SAIL BREAK classic, we connect the entire fleet and create our own party island in the middle of the sea. It is difficult to describe this unique environment called “Raft” in writing :) After the party, we go ashore on boats. We spend some time on the famous Tarida beach and watch the sunset over the rock in the middle of the beach.

Day 3: Cala Tarida > Sant Antoni
In the morning, we wash our faces in the sea and go to the sea after a nice breakfast! Our route is Sant Antoni, the second largest city of Ibiza. We're having a nice sailing cruise. Until we connect to the Marina, we take a swimming break in a magnificent bay as usual.
After entering the marina, we start with a small tour of Sant Antoni…
There are world-famous venues such as Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo in the area called Sunset Strip, where we can watch the sunset in the best way possible. After sunset, we continue the night in the pubs on the street of bars. We will announce when the next Ibiza 2023 Party Calendar is released.

Day 4: Sant Antoni > Cala Benirras
Sant Antoni mornings usually start with a light walk along the shore followed by a nice breakfast at Rita's Cantina or Skinny Kitchen. Afterwards, it always continues with shopping.
We take iron at noon. Our route today is a truly unique bay, Cala Benirras!
After a pleasant sailing cruise, we are in a place where it is very difficult to describe in writing...
The sacred rock called the Finger of God or Sitting Buddha in the middle, Hippie Market, Elements Restaurant on the shore and of course the Hippie Drums to Sunset Party that has been going on for years… As the sun sets in the sea behind the sacred rock, we go to the beach with boats and dance on the sand for hours with drums… We hope to dream you could. You will not forget this night…

Day 5: Cala Benirras > Cala Bassa
Good morning everyone from Cala Benirras! We are sure that we will wake up to a magnificent day… We will relieve yesterday's tiredness with a nice swimming break. We can go to the beach and have a nice breakfast. Those who wish can visit the bay with a paddle board or sunbathe in the historical fishermen's shelters on the beach.
It's time to sail again at noon! This time our route is to the famous Cala Bassa. What makes Bassa so famous is not only its sandy beach and clear sea. Amazing place called CbBc! We will spend the day here. We will start with aperitifs accompanied by a nice champagne and then let ourselves go to the sea and get ready for dinner :) After dinner, we can go to the center according to the 2023 Party Calendar or we can join the night program of CbBc. Whichever it is, it is sure to be a very stylish and enjoyable night…

Day 6: Cala Bassa > Formentera
We woke up in Cala Bassa. We jumped straight into the sea…. We can have our breakfast either on the boat or in CbBc. Then a legend awaits us! Our route is the island of Formentera. World-famous unrivaled beaches, magnificent beach bars and of course the famous sunset…
We arrive at the island after a pleasant sailing cruise. After anchoring and a short swimming break, we reach the beach by boats. We start having fun with nice cocktails in one of the beach bars here. We go back to the beach for the sunset. This time, we sink the sun into the sea by swimming… Then Formentera Center is waiting for us. After a short walk, we deserve a scrumptious meal.

Day 7: Formentera > Eivissa
Few things can be better than waking up in Formentera :) We jump into the sea and swim right off the coast of this world-famous beach. We take a nice walk on the beach and enjoy Ses Illetes. Then it's time for our last sailing. We are on a pleasant cruise until Eivissa. Dalt Vila looks from afar. Giant walls, which are said to have been built to stop the Ottoman Navy at the time, greet us… A truly fairy-tale image… We approach our starting point, Marina Port Ibiza. As always, we will pop our farewell champagne accompanied by our captains and take our souvenir photos! See you at the next SAIL BREAK!