HIS Sports Celebrates the Success of Turkcell Granfondo Road Cycling Race

HIS Sports Celebrates the Success of Turkcell Granfondo Road Cycling Race

  • 6 September 2023

The third edition of the Turkcell Granfondo Road Cycling Race, sponsored by Turkcell and supported by Beykoz Municipality, concluded on a high note. The race, which witnessed the start flag waved by the Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports, Osman Aşkın Bak, brought together over 2,000 cyclists who pedaled through the stunning natural beauty of the Istanbul Bosphorus. 

Pedaling Through History and Nature

The Turkcell Granfondo Istanbul Road Cycling Race attracted cyclists from various countries, converging in Beykoz, Istanbul. In the challenging 93-kilometer-long route for men, Gökhan Uzuntaş claimed the first position, followed by Aydın Köfteci in second place, and Ömer Taha Yalçın in third. Among the women competing on the long route, Şeniz Pamuk secured the top spot, with Merve Güney and Züleyha Dikbaş finishing second and third, respectively. In the 43-kilometer short route, Takyeddin Kuluk emerged as the winner for men, while Sevcan Alper clinched victory for women. Other notable finishers in both men's and women's categories included Aylin Yüce, Kübra Nur Pınarak, Bilal Köse, and Yunus Özdemir.

During the event, Minister Osman Aşkın Bak emphasized the importance of promoting sports among all age groups and encouraged everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. He stated, "We have one of the youngest populations in Europe. We are acting with this awareness and doing our best to encourage our young people to engage in sports. We recommend all our citizens, young and old, to have a healthy life by doing sports. Today, the participation of nearly two thousand athletes here is a sign that we are taking the right steps."

Mayor Murat Aydın's Commitment to a Bicycle-Friendly City

Beykoz Mayor Murat Aydın expressed his commitment to enhancing awareness and healthy living through sports in the community. He said, "I greet with love and respect all bicycle enthusiasts, cyclists, and everyone who strives to look at life from a different perspective, the perspective of happiness. Today, we experienced the excitement of hosting the Turkcell Granfondo for the third time. Beykoz is a  fantastic place for bicycle sports thanks to the extraordinary nature of the district and the investments we make in sports and athletes as a municipality. Just as in all the races we organize to increase awareness in our district, we mobilized our resources for Granfondo as well. I thank all the athletes who participated for their contributions. I congratulate all our friends who achieved success and participated wholeheartedly. With your support, we hope to promote sports that center around cycling. We want to see more people using bicycles for their daily commutes. We are working to make the public healthier and raise awareness. I thank all the institutions and organizations that support us. We have bicycle-friendly cities. We have friends who have lost their lives. Every time we hope it will be the last. We want to embrace bicycles more than cars. I thank everyone who serves our cause and congratulate you all."

The Turkcell Granfondo Road Cycling Race continues to inspire and unite cyclists from around the world in the heart of Istanbul, showcasing the city's natural beauty and fostering a culture of sports and healthy living. HIS Sports remains dedicated to promoting health and wellness through exciting sporting events like these.



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