HIS Sports Supporting to Success at the Decathlon Granfondo Baskent

HIS Sports Supporting to Success at the Decathlon Granfondo Baskent

  • 10 September 2023

Ankara, Türkiye - HIS Sports, a leading sports brand, proudly supported the Decathlon Granfondo Baskent held in Ankara. The event saw enthusiastic cyclists from across 30 countries and 43 Turkish cities participating in various categories, making it a spectacular success.


The awards ceremony took place at AnkaMall AVM and was graced by the presence of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mansur Yavaş. Mayor Yavaş presented the awards to the top performers in both the men's and women's long-distance races, showing HIS Sports' commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

The winners of the long-distance race received generous cash prizes, with first-place finishers awarded 5,000 Turkish Lira, second-place winners receiving 3,000 Turkish Lira, and third-place athletes being honored with 1,500 Turkish Lira. Additionally, participants also received various exciting gifts.

During the award ceremony, Mayor Yavaş expressed his delight at the success of the event and highlighted its significance for Ankara. He stated, "This is a crucial day for Ankara, as it not only drew participants from various cities and countries but also set an example for sporting events in our city. We need more such events in the future to promote an active lifestyle. Next week, we will inaugurate a 3,000-square-meter agriculture and recreation area, complete with a 3-kilometer walking and cycling track. You can spend your weekends here."

The event, hosted by the Ankara Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara Governorship, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Çankaya Municipality, the Turkish Cycling Federation, and Ankara City Council, marked its second edition with overwhelming participation.Görüntü

The race, which began at 08:00 at AnkaMall AVM, witnessed cycling enthusiasts gathering at the crack of dawn to take part in the thrilling competition.

Gökhan Uzuntaş, last year's champion in the men's long-distance race in Ankara and the recent winner in the Istanbul race, once again secured the first position in a fiercely contested race. On the women's side, Şeniz Pamuk emerged as the winner in the long-distance category, while Aylin Yüce and Nurettin Emre Oruç claimed victory in the short-distance category for women and men, respectively.


Notably, the oldest participant in the Decathlon Granfondo Baskent was 75-year-old Osman Altay, while the youngest was 14-year-old Enes Acar. Osman Altay expressed his emotions, saying, "This cycling tour is touching for me. I'm 75 years old, but I'm still excited. There's no fatigue when cycling. I want to participate in the Presidential Cycling Tour as well. I recommend sports to young people to break free from bad habits."


Enes Acar, the young cyclist from Kastamonu, added, "I hope that when I reach Osman uncle's age, I'll continue to do this sport. The atmosphere was amazing. It was a great race."Görüntü


HIS Sports is proud to support events like the Decathlon Granfondo Baskent amateur road cycling race that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle while fostering a sense of community among sports enthusiasts. The brand remains committed to its vision of harnessing the power of sports to unite people and continues to offer a wide range of high-quality sports products to meet the needs of athletes of all ages and abilities.


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