Historic Ephesus Ultra Marathon Crowns Champions Amidst Incredible Participation

Historic Ephesus Ultra Marathon Crowns Champions Amidst Incredible Participation

  • 12 March 2024

The ancient city of Ephesus witnessed a spectacular display of athleticism as runners from across the globe gathered for the Ephesus Ultra Marathon held on March 9th and 10th, 2024. Set amidst the historic landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage sites of Selçuk, İzmir, the marathon featured a total of six challenging courses, attracting an impressive number of participants.

On March 9th, the marathon kicked off with the 120K, 61K, 42K, and 27K races, followed by the 12K and 6K races on March 10th. The diverse terrain and rich cultural backdrop provided a unique test of endurance for the runners, who pushed themselves to their limits across the ancient paths of Ephesus.

The Ephesus Ultra Marathon 2024 witnessed a remarkable turnout with a total of 2,808 participants across its diverse categories, including 1,794 male and 1,014 female athletes. The competition drew significant interest across all distances, with the St Jean Race 6K leading the pack with 416 participants, followed closely by the Artemis Trail 12K, boasting an impressive 861 competitors. The Virgin Mary 27K also saw strong participation with a total of 817 runners, while the Ephesus Short Trail 42K and Ephesus Medium Trail 61K attracted 344 and 220 participants, respectively. The most challenging category, the Ephesus Ultra Trail 120K, saw 95 intrepid individuals take on the demanding course, showcasing the enduring appeal and inclusive nature of endurance sports.

Among the notable winners were Mohammadreza Julodar (11:45:28) from Iran, and Okyanus Özcan (15:02:08) who claimed victory in the grueling 120K Ephesus Ultra Trail, and Ezgi Keskin (3:29:02) from Turkey, who emerged victorious in the Ephesus Short Trail 42K category. Other winners include Koray Het (2:56:55) and Uğur Pehlivan (5:13:34) in the Ephesus Short Trail 42K and Ephesus Medium Trail 61K respectively, alongside Hikmet Arabacı (25:04) and Asya Dinç (35:35) in the Team 6K category, Osman Erkam Şafak (21:32) and Anastasiia Erdoğan (33:51) in the St Jean Race 6K, and Bedri Şimşek (41:23) and Gamze Mislina Tom (41:34) in the Artemis Trail 12K. The event also saw impressive performances from local Turkish runners, showcasing their strength and determination on the international stage.

As the sun set on Ephesus, participants and spectators alike celebrated the triumph of the human spirit and the enduring legacy of this ancient city, ensuring that the Ephesus Ultra Marathon will continue to inspire athletes for years to come.

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