• 14 February 2024

The St. Paul Ultra Trail 2024, held in the breathtaking setting of Antalya, Manavgat, marked yet another thrilling chapter in the world of trail running. Athletes from across the globe gathered to push their limits amidst the rugged beauty of nature and the rich historical backdrop of the region. The event saw the participation of a total of 653 athletes, with 309 athletes in the 14K race, 231 athletes in the 22K race, and 113 athletes in the 51K race. The race commenced with the 51K starting at 07:45, followed by the 14K and 22K races at 09:00.

The race catered to both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike. From steep ascents to winding forest trails, participants navigated diverse terrain, testing their endurance and resilience at every turn. As runners traversed through the ancient ruins and lush landscapes, they were greeted with stunning vistas of the Mediterranean coastline, serving as both motivation and reward for their arduous efforts.

In an impressive display of athleticism, five participants (3 women, and 2 men) clinched top spots across various age categories. Notably, in the 51K category, Navil Shaimuhametov from Russia secured the first position among men with a time of 05:27:45, while Viktoriia Melnikova, also from Russia, led the women with a time of 07:22:00. Said Kerem Yetişir claimed the top spot among men in the 14K category with a time of 01:05:31, while Maria Kalpakova, also from Russia, dominated the women's category with a time of 01:20:58. Similarly, in the 22K category, Bogdan Kovalenko from Russia and Natalia Kahraman from Turkey emerged victorious with impressive times of 01:25:10 and 02:22:30, respectively.

The camaraderie among competitors was palpable, with each individual pushing themselves to their personal best while cheering on fellow runners along the way. The spirit of sportsmanship and determination echoed throughout the event, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of unity and triumph.

As the sun set on the race's final stretch, the cheers grew louder as runners crossed the finish line, their faces marked with exhaustion and exhilaration.

The event concluded with an awards ceremony where medals and prizes from sponsors were presented to the top finishers of each category. The atmosphere was one of celebration and camaraderie as participants and spectators alike basked in the achievements of the day. The St. Paul Ultra Trail 2024 not only showcased the endurance and determination of its participants but also highlighted the spirit of sportsmanship and unity that transcends borders.

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